Welcome to Thoughtplanters – Professional Trainers in Horticulture and Arboriculture

Thoughtplanters provides theory and practical training in all aspects of the horticulture, arboriculture and utility line-clearance industries.

As an industry training company, we work from the grassroots up. We collaborate directly with industries, educational partners, government agencies, non-profits and standard-setting bodies. 

But we’re not just any conventional training company – Thoughtplanters like to do things a bit different.

Our approach is to be forward-thinkers who teach people to alter their perspectives. We want to be challenging and rebellious yet inspiring, open-minded and abundant. 

Just like our clients, Thoughtplanters is not limited to one place or even one country. With offices in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, we can teach at convenient locations or work on-site with our trainees.

Choose your country to find out more about how Thoughtplanters can help you with horticulture or arboriculture training in your region. Wherever you're located, we have a friendly team ready to answer any questions and guide you along.