Fiona Eadie

Fiona is one of those incredibly busy people who seem to manage more than is possible. When not training for us she is the Head Gardener at New Zealand’s only castle (Larnach Castle) or writing for industry magazines.

She is the author of '100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand gardens' (now in its second edition)  and has been in the running for New Zealand’s Top Gardiner.

She says that she loves plants and has worked with them in some way for most of her life. She loves the fact that training people is a double whammy as she can learn from the students' personal experiences as much as they can learn from hers.

Fiona and her partner Mick own a piece of land in Central Otago, which they call ‘The Paddock’ – it’s a place to sit back and indulge in the fine wine and great food the region has to offer.

PO Box 132183, Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644
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