In the beginning there was Horttraining...

In the beginning there was Horttraining...

Before Thoughtplanters, there was Horttraining

Horttraining NZ Ltd was set up in 2004 to meet a shortfall in accessible quality horticultural training in New Zealand. The need was primarily in the arboriculture sector but also included amenity, landscaping and general horticulture.

Over a quiet beer in Wellington, five passionate arborists with a wealth of national and international experience came up with a simple plan; they would fill the gap and provide the training to the next wave of horticulturalists. Horttraining was created; trainers with skill and passion were selected and accessible quality training from Northland to the Bluff began.

The Horttraining ethos was quite simply; practical training for practical people. Their qualified trainers relied on, and relayed their knowledge and experience from years of working in the real world.

Horttraining’s point of difference was that it offered flexible training options at multiple locations – they went to the trainees and delivered what was needed when it was needed. Relationships were formed with the NZ Horticulture Industry Training Organisation and Telford Rural Polytechnic (now a division of Lincoln University).

Horttraining succeeded well beyond the expectations of the five. Within a few short years multiple training programmes were developed and delivered across a range of industry sectors. The simple plan worked so well that calls started to come in from overseas. Horttraining went international.

In 2010 to meet the needs of a growing national and international market Horttraining was taken over by thoughtplanters. Thoughtplanters share the same passion for the industry and culture of training; they continue the Horttraining ethos and will ensure that the simple plan remains alive.

Horttraining - practical training for practical people

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