ITCC Steering Committee to be headed by Kiwi - 20th Aug 2013

ISA President Elect Mark Roberts to Chair ITCC steering committee

At the request of the ISA Board of Directors, the ISA President and Executive Director are forming a steering committee to develop a business plan supporting an expanded purpose statement for the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC).

ISA President Elect Mark Roberts has been asked to Chair this committee and progress the review.  The committee will include representatives from many stakeholder groups.

The purpose of the International Tree Climbing Championships (ITCC) is to provide competitive but educational opportunities for working arborists to demonstrate and exchange new climbing techniques. The success of the Championships to date lies with the passion and dedication of the countless of volunteers and the committed staff at the ISA. ‘It's a big ask, but I’m excited at the prospect’, Mr Roberts said.

The ITCC program is impacted by the efforts of several other volunteer groups at ISA, such as ISA Annual Conference, the Safety Committee, and public and industry relations. As a result, additional staff will need to be involved in this effort so that other programs aren't negatively impacted during this process of developing an expanded program focus supported by a long-term, sustainable business plan.

Staff expected to be involved in the process includes:
  • Director of Finance and Operations
  • Process and Facilities Manager
  • Conference and Events Manager
  • Public Relations and Marketing Manager
  • Trade Show and Sponsorship Manager

The ISA Executive Director is also requesting a coordinator-level staff position be created to support ITCC committee activity during this process. The new position will report to the Conference and Events Manager. Responsibilities of this position would include assisting the Operations and Rules committees for each of the regional ETCC, APTCC, and NATCC events. This position would coordinate the steering committee meetings, including taking minutes and supporting the Conference and Events Manger and ISA Executive Director with meeting management and follow-up for the committee Chair. Creation of this position will provide the committee with a better idea as to what level of support is really needed to make these events sustainable.

The Public Relations and Marketing Manager is the current support staff for ITCC activities At this point, the time invested in this program is largely unbudgeted time. The additional staff person will take over ITCC operational and rules committee support so that the Manager is freed up to work on website development and public relations for the ITCC program. This will also allow the Manger to focus appropriate time and attention for public relations and marketing activities supporting ISA,, and ISA programs such as conference, certification, and membership. It is recommended that the transition from the current staff position to the new position would include a period of overlap. The transition of responsibility will require some joint activity until the new coordinator is ready to take over. A detailed job description will define all major responsibilities of this position, which would be created and filled in the 2013-14 fiscal year.

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