Crunch time is nearing - 10th May 2013

Final call for the 4th consultation phase.

Feedback/input/support on proposed horticulture qualifications review is due in by 15th May.

Currently the review is still at the big picture stage and there is no content (subject and/or course detail) provided for each of the qualifications. There is however a strategic purpose and graduate profile. Click here to see the proposed New Zealand qualifications specifically in relation to Arboriculture.

Although the framework has been set down it seems to allow for a certain amount of interpretation. Looking at what we currently have and what is proposed, and assuming interpretation is permissible the new qualifications could look like this;
• The proposed Level 3 qualification is designed to be generic across most of horticulture but depending on how you interpret it, 66% of it can be focused on Arboriculture (this is slightly more than the current Level 3 National qualification).
• The proposed Level 4 qualification has a 70 / 30 split (70% specialised, 30% generic), but again depending on how you interpret it 10 to 15% of the generic content could be focused on arboriculture as well.
• The proposed Level 5 qualification is where the main differences will become most visible. Currently we have a Level 4 'advanced' qualification which will go. This will be replaced with the Level 5 Horticulture Technician qualification. The Horticulture Technician qualification is a bit more weighty in content and will require slightly more aptitude than the current Level 4 'advanced' but shouldn't take much longer for those want/need to gain it.

For the full content and submission details of the proposed Horticulture Targeted Review of Qualifications – visit:

Mark Roberts
Academic Director

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