A TRoQ update (Horticulture) - 16th Oct 2012

As previously noted Thoughtplanters Academic Manager, Mark Roberts is part of a team working on the Horticulture ‘Targeted Review of Qualifications’ (TRoQ).

TRoQ is a Ministerial requirement to simplify all of the existing qualifications on the NZ Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and replace them with a reduced number of New Zealand Qualifications.  The governance and working groups have been working on a needs analysis and a qualifications map. Yesterday (October 15) the three working groups met in Wellington to focus and consolidate the work that they have been doing before sending it out for wider consultation.

A draft combined plan will be sent out shortly as part of the consultation process. The draft plan will be made available for comment until November 16.  If you would like to be send the consultation document or have a say in the review please contact Mark < mark.roberts@thoughtplanters.com > 

To give you some idea what the new horticultural qualifications framework may look like, below is what the 'Hort Services' work group has proposed.  Hort Services includes; Amenity, Arboriculture, Landscaping, Sports Turf, Nursery and Floristry. 


A rough guideline proposed by 'Hort Services' work group (Oct 15)

  • A generic Level One NZ Certificate - an introduction to the horticulture industry
  • A generic Level Two NZ Certificate - (pre employment) focusing on health and safety, work skills with focus towards certain sectors within the industry
  • A Stranded Level Three NZ Certificate - focusing on core horticulture knowledge but with strands (a percentage) of the qualification targeted at specific skills and requirements of a named industry sector
  • A Specific Level Four NZ Certificate - focusing on specific skills and requirements of a named industry sector
  • A generic Level Five NZ Certificate or Diploma - focusing on horticultural management skills
  • A Specific Level Six NZ Diploma - focusing on specific skills and requirements within an aspect of a named industry sector

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