Changes to our site - 30th Jan 2012

There has been some subtle but important changes to the thoughtplanters and Horttaining websites.

Firstly, thoughtplanters have completed the union with Horttraining NZ Ltd. Staff and systems have been integrated and the phasing out of Horttraining the training entity has begun. The most noticeable thing will be ‘web’ traffic going to the Horttraining site. The site is a holding page with a re-direction notice and link through to this site.

Changes to this site include the creation of a ‘staff portal’ where teaching and training staff will be able to access training guides, teaching information and assessment material.

We have also added a sub-page to the ‘training info’ called Plant ID (Unit 17150).  This page is primarily for students and trainees working towards NZQA Unit Standard 17150: Identify trees used in arboriculture.  It contains information about the creation and requirements the plant collection section (Element 2) of this unit standard. There are also ten sample plant ID tests of ten plants each. This is to assist in Element 3 of this unit standard with students or trainees needing to correctly identify 100 plants.

- end -

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