Mark Roberts - 1st Vice President of the ISA - 31st Mar 2010

thoughtplanters is proud to announce that Mark Roberts has been made the first Vice President of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) under its new board structure.

At the ISA 2010 March board meeting in Atlanta, USA, the board of directors officially began the transition from the old board of 45 reps to the new streamlined 15 person board. Mark Roberts, former president of the NZAA and former member of the ISA's Executive Committee was voted in as the new Vice President of the ISA.

The streamlined board is expected to run the ISA matters more efficiently, with the council (made up of the remaining board members) there to provide a direct line of communication between the membership and the new board. This is seen as a very positive and progressive move for the ISA and with over 30% of the new board made up of representation from outside of main-land America, it goes a long way to ensuring that the ISA is truly an international organisation.

On the domestic front, this is a great achievement for one of our own. Having a New Zealand representative at the heart of the decision making process of one of the largest arboricultural associations in the world can only be a positive thing for USA-NZ relationships and for arboriculture in New Zealand as a whole.

Well done Mark on a great achievement.

Keep flying our flag!

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