Rescue training in the park - 8th Sep 2011

Thoughtplanters put on three days of Aerial Rescue and Advanced Climbing for the climbers of Dunedin.

The first day was a day of Aerial Rescue filming in conjunction with the Otago Polytechnic’s Arboriculture and film studies departments. Several hours of footage was shot from various angles and soon will be edited into a series short training videos.

The day went very well and was enjoyed by all except Mark Roberts, who was playing the part of the victim; ‘it’s very uncomfortable hanging around awaiting to be rescued, I strongly recommend that no one does it… in a film or in a real life situation’.

The second two days were mainly industry training as requested by the NZ horticulture Industry Training Organisation. With the new NZQA Unit Standards in Advanced Climbing and Advanced Rigging many work place assessors have found themselves half a step behind the training requirements and this course was designed to help bring them up to speed.

Andy Neverman, in keeping with the training culture of thoughtplanters demonstrated various techniques and additional uses of common items of equipment. ‘If you have something, it is better to use it to its full potential than to go out and buy something else to do the same job’.

Single Rope Techniques (SRT) were also discussed in detail including rescue scenarios off single and double rope configurations. The general consensus is that with so many variations and configurations SRT is not something that inexperienced climbers should rush into, and even experienced climbers need to know exactly what they are doing before the start accessing trees using SRT.

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