Back from ISA meetings and conference - 31st Jul 2010

Mark Roberts returned today after seven days in Chicago attending the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board of Directors meetings and 2010 annual conference.

The July meeting saw the first full combined convening of the ISA under its new governance structure. The 15 person board (where Mark serves as the vice president) along with the 45 person Council (the Council of Representatives or COR).

It was an interesting and productive set of meetings on a number of levels. There was considerable time involved in working out the logistics of how these new entities will function, their roles, responsibilities and authorities. The strategic plan was reviewed, updated and committees were put into place to progress the aims and objectives that accompany the strategic plan.

The annual conference started on the 25th and went through to the 28th. It involved presentations and demonstrations form some of the finest minds in arboriculture today.

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